Power Supply Bypass capacitors

One recommended modification to the stock GBS board is to add more capacitance for power supply bypassing. This step can reduce some forms of visible noise.

Forum post: https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?p=1349983#p1349983

Let's settle on 10uF for the large local storage caps, as more capacity seems to be at the upper end of current market offers. We want as high a voltage rating as possible, but that increases size. We want to limit size to 0805, so they can still be soldered besides the 0603 stocks. Ebay has some cheap listings for: 0805: 10V 0603: 6.3V Actual voltages are 3.3V for the main supply (C23 C41 C48), and 1.8V for the digital supply (C42).

Examples of capacitors installed in parallel: