GBS Control

an alternative firmware for Tvia Trueview5725 based upscalers / video converter boards.

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  • very low lag
  • sharp and defined upscaling, comparing well to other -expensive- units
  • no synchronization loss switching 240p/480i (output runs independent from input, sync to display never drops)
  • on demand motion adaptive deinterlacer that engages automatically and only when needed
  • works with almost anything: 8 bit consoles, 16/32 bit consoles, 2000s consoles, home computers, etc
  • little compromise, eventhough the hardware is very affordable (less than $30 typically)
  • lots of useful features and image enhancements
  • optional control interface via web browser, utilizing the ESP8266 WiFi capabilities
  • good color reproduction with auto gain and auto offset for the tripple 8 bit @ 160MHz ADC
  • optional bypass capability to, for example, transcode Component to RGB/HV in high quality

Supported standards are NTSC / PAL, the EDTV and HD formats, as well as VGA from 192p to 1600x1200 (earliest DOS, home computers, PC). Sources can be connected via RGB/HV (VGA), RGBS (game consoles, SCART) or Component Video (YUV). Various variations are supported, such as the PlayStation 2's VGA modes that run over Component cables.

Gbscontrol is a continuation of previous work by dooklink, mybook4, Ian Stedman and others.

Bob from RetroRGB did an overview video on the project. This is a highly recommended watch!

Head over to the wiki for the setup guide to learn how to build and use it!
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